If you encoutered the following error message when using Visual Studio + Boost, it means that you didn’t have the staged library files.

cannot open file 'libboost_program_options-vc120-mt-gd-1_55.lib'

Download the correct version from here

Set Additional Include Directories to C:\local\boost_1_68_0 and Additional Library Directories to C:\local\boost_1_68_0\lib32-msvc-14.0.

Obsoleted Method

  1. open Developer Command Prompt for VS2015 (in admin mode?) to execute C:\Program Files\boost\boost_1_55_0\bootstrap.bat.
  2. Launch b2 which is created by bootstrap.bat
    • Win32: b2 --toolset=msvc --build-type=complete stage
    • x64: b2 --toolset=msvc --build-type=complete architecture=x86 address-model=64 stage

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