Installing Jupyter Notebook with Lisp kernel on Ubuntu on VirtualBox.

Ubuntu in Virtual Box

NAT port forwarding.

Set 2222 to 22 for normal remote connection.

Set 888 to 8888 for jupyter notebook.

You can log the tcp transfers in port 22 using the command below.

sudo tcpdump port 22

Lisp Jupyter Installation

Get some useful utilities

sudo apt-get install openssh-server
sudo apt install curl git

Install Anaconda

Follow the steps here.

Create a new environment

conda create -n lisp python=3
conda list
conda env list
source activate lisp

Install CL-Jupyter

Install the lisp kernel by following the steps here.

Install SBCL

sudo apt-get install sbcl

Install QuickLisp

Follow the steps here.

Some additional steps

sudo apt-get install libzmq3-dev

and the below is unsure (in SBCL)

(ql:quickload "alexandria")
(ql:quickload "trivial-features")
(ql:quickload "bable")


python ./
:: or python3 ./

Test using console mode (Ctrl-D to exit).

jupyter console --kernel=lisp

Some settings for external OS. Follow this.

Start notebook.

jupyter notebook
:: or jupyter notebook --ip='*'

Copy the url with token.

Create a notebook with lisp kernel.


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